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PMCI is a mission driven organization and an national accreditation provider, established in the year 2014 and started operations internationally in the year 2022.


Benefits of PMCI’s Accreditation:

• National Accreditation with Regional Recognition.
               • National Benchmarking Paramedical Education Standards.
               • National Acceptability & Promotion.
               • Access to PMCI's Publications.
               • Participation in PMCI's Events.

Below are the four main purposes of PMCI's accreditation:

• To support and advice higher education institutes about enhancing their Paramedical educational standards.
               • To counsel students seeking to pursue higher Paramedical education in any institute of the world.
               • To assure students, government departments and other relevant bodies a about the good standing of an institute.
               • To enable an institute to state publicly that it has voluntarily accepted independent inspection and has satisfied PMCI about all relevant aspects of its operation..

Below are the advantages pmci's accredited Institutes enjoy:

• Institute’s that are granted accreditation by PMCI enjoy unmatched respect, recognition and credibility.
To improve the standards and practices, PMCI's Evaluation Commission periodically sends its publications, recommendations and suggestions to the Paramedical educational institute. The main purpose of these publications and recommendations is to keep the institutes updated on the latest developments pertaining to the accreditation standards around the INDIA. It helps the member institutes to maintain and enhance their educational practices and standards.
               • An institute may possibly gain eligibility for its participation and its students in certain programs of governmental aid for post-secondary Paramedical education.

The unmatched benefits of PMCI's Accredited Membership include:

• Free career services for students,
               • Forming alliances and partnerships with institutions & Cooperate clients around the INDIA.
               • PMCI Membership Seal and Certificate.
               • Advertisement in Official PMCI Magazine: “The Accreditor”.
               • Subscription to Official PMCI Magazine.
               • 2 Page Interview of the Institution's Chairman in PMCI Accreditor Magazine.
               • One Press Release on Yahoo and Other Top News Sites.
               • One News Release in the Newsletter.
               • One Update on every Social Media Channel.
               • Online Promotion of your Institute.
               • Access to Annual seminars held by PMCI.
               • Promotion on PMCI mediums including PMCI’s social mediums, magazine and blogs.
               • Free access to PMCI publications and events.
               • PMCI will issue you a certificate.
               • Usage of PMCI logo.
               • Logo of your institute will be in our listing.
               • Blog Entry.
               • The name and logo of your institute will be appearing on our website.
               • Dedicated webpage on our website for your institute.
               • Social media entries.
               • Student Certificate.
               • Professional Certificate.
               • Equivalency Certificate.
               • Practicing License.
               • Apostle.

The goals of accreditation in Paramedical education include the following:

• Advancing standards and promoting excellence
                              o Publicly recognizing programs and institutions that meet accepted standards
                              o Assuring the quality of programs and institutions to the public.
                              o Providing a means of ongoing self-assessment and continuing Paramedical education for programs and institutions.

               • Tutions.
               • Providing an objective means for reviewing the quality of Paramedical education and education services.

PMCI accreditation tells your prospective students, peers, and the professions you serve that your program

Has received national recognition of its quality.
               • Promotes “best practices” in Paramedical education.
               • Directly involves faculty and staff in self-assessment and continuous quality improvement processes
               • Is based on “learning outcomes,” rather than “teaching inputs.”
               • Can more easily determine the acceptability of transfer credits?

Our Membership provides several other leverages as well. INDIA's leading Universities are taking part in our Commission’s Accreditation Membership and according to the fee structure for Universities set by the board of directors should be maintained and followed asper the commission's policy.
               • Our accreditation provides a way to measure the quality of an institute or individual worldwide.
               • PMCI keeps it member institutes and individuals engaged in best practices with constant evaluation an
d improving the standards of Paramedical education.
               • Integrate confidence, impartiality and member participation at each level and operate under high ethical standards to sustain trust and respect.
               • Delivering all professional services which meet the best practice standard with officially announced financial aid and Federal grants for academic institutions.
               • Offering worldwide authentications as a core service for the potential affiliates and educational institutes.
               • PMCI’s accreditation verifies that an institute or individual meets established national standards of Paramedical education.