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PMCI’s National accreditation commission reviews and evaluates institutions and rewards them with global recognition by providing PMCI’s certification and accreditation.


The criteria for accreditation are the standard of quality by which the evaluation commissions conclude whether an institutions merits accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation. National accreditation organization criteria are prepared on mutual agreements and discussions by PMCI evaluations agents.

1. The applicant should be and educational establishment that:
                • Formally enrolls students and maintains students records
                • Retains a qualified factually to service students
                • Transmits to students organized instructional materials
                • Provides continuous two- way communication on students work, e.g., evaluating students’ examinations, projects and/ or answering quires, with prompt feedback given to students

2. The educational establishment can be of the following types:
                • Higher education universities and institutes in allied health care field.
                • E- learning/ distance learning universities and institutes.
                • Factually individuals can also be accredited.

3. The institutes and university should offer:
                • Degree programs
                • Associate’s degree
                • Bachelors degree
                • Masters degree
                • Doctorate degree
                • Undergraduate degree
                • Graduate certificate degree
                • Graduate certificate
                • Diploma programs
                • Undergraduate diploma
                • Graduate diploma
                • Certificate programs
                • Undergraduate course certificate

5. The applicant Paramedical educational institution is financially sound and will continue to provide service to the students.

6. It is duly licensed, authorized and approved by the applicable State/Central/territory paramedical institute. The institution must be in compliance with all applicable local, and federal requirement.

7. The applicant institute’s name is free from any illegal actions and unethical conduct.

8. The institution’s owners, governing board members, and administrators possess sound reputations and show a record of integrity and ethical conduct in their professional activates, business operations, and relations. The owners board members and executive staff must have record free from any associations with any misfeasance, including, but not limited to, owning, managing or controlling any educational institutions that have entered bankruptcy or have closed with students having been disadvantaged as a result.

9. The institution’s “application for accreditation” must be complete in all respects.

The commission may not accept an application from an institution, if the institute is unable to show that it can meet PMCI’s standards concerning the qualifications of the institutions owners, governing board members and administrator, or financial responsibility. In the event the accrediting commission does not accept an application for one both of these reasons, the decision would be applicable.
In addition, the commission reserves the right to not accept an application from an institution, if travel conditions or security concerns In that country are preserved by the commission to be unsafe this decision would not be appealable.
• Fill in the form below and provide basic information about your institute to register and lock the 90% accreditation grant.
• PMCI’s commission members will visit your institute to review your institute as per PMCI’s international accreditation standards and profile score system.
• After the visit commission member will submit your institute’s review on the basis on which the institute will awarded full accreditation along with certificate and many more benefits .